Sudden Wealth

It is easy to see why lottery tickets sell so well. We all dream of picking that magical lucky number. We just know that when we do, our lives will change drastically. We will travel the world with new smart witty friends. We will have a huge new house, complete with maid service. Best of all, we will quit our boring jobs and never return. But is this what really happens?

How Would You Spend It?

The Surprising Reality

While lavish spending expectations are all quite logical, sudden riches is never logical. Many lottery ticket winners fit this mold to a tee. They indulge, overspend, and soon find themselves right back where they started. Then they will line up once again at the local gas station ready to purchase another ticket for a try of the golden ring.

The Modest Way

Some winners think differently. There have been stories of winners who found out they won several million dollars and then returned to work the next day. They like their job and couldn't see why they should have to leave it. Others have taken their winnings and bought family members homes, often lifting these people out of poverty.

The Gift Of Caring

A few of these lottery winners have even given all of their new-found riches away. They may have been involved with a charity that was the cornerstone of their lives. Or, they may be involved in a church that helps those who are still struggling in the poorest corners of their city. In any event, they're happy just giving to others.

Dream On!

So whatever your dreams when you buy that next ticket, dream big. Whether it be to buy that mansion with maid service, take your entire family on a cruise, help that cousin who is beginning their first business, or that stranger who simply needs a bed for the night. Dream big, and pick the lucky numbers.

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